About me…

Hi friends! Thank you so much for visiting me and my collection of thoughts, words, phrases, rantings, and pieces of my heart.  I believe God has called me to SPEAK UP for the many colors of society: for the down, the out, the up, the in.  For the oppressed, the depressed, the excluded, the poor, and the voiceless.  You can read all about my heart for writing and for using speech to communicate what God has put on my heart in this post: (https://speakuphannah.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/renovation-of-me/)

A little about me, I am a native Idahoan.  I am advocate for coffee, writing (obviously), music and worship, loving on people around me, and hearing the stories of people, places, things, and events.  I am unashamed of my JESUS and about his radical love for his children.  I am passionate about my fellow sisters knowing their value and worth as women and as daughters of King Jesus.  I have the deep honor and privilege of working for an organization called Wipe Every Tear as a full-time missionary in the Philippines with the mission to help put an end to modern day slavery.  My first term in the Philippines will commence in October of 2016, and much of my content on this blog will revolve around my work.

This post could be much longer, but to get a better idea of who I am, I invite you to dive into a few of my posts.  My ultimate mission in life?  Use the creativity of God’s story of my life to help those around me.  To me, anything involving that purpose is a dream come true.  My life is wild, is adventurous, is filled with ups and downs, and has the definition of a girl identified by scandalous grace written all over it.  IMG_0127.jpg

Perhaps we can be friends? 🙂